Open Issues and To Do List

  1. How to handle results pagination? Currently only 50 closest items are displayed. No pagination for now
  2. How to handle sorting when result set exceeds 50 items. Currently sorting existing items, but can requery to find 50 cheapest, 50 with least mileage, etc. Sort current result set, no additional fetching.
  3. Multiple items in the same Zip code are plotted on top of each other.
  4. Info Window UI needs work.
  5. Motors search at top need to be AJAXified.
  6. Right side panel looks goofy before results are displayed. needs better intro text.
  7. Should display something in right side panel while searching.
  8. Some results fields aren't formatted in a pretty way. (Waiting to see how we handle sorting before fixing.)
  9. The "Time Left" field doesn't sort correctly. (Waiting to see how we handle sorting before fixing.)
  10. "Title" field in results list should be "Make : Model". This is an eBay API bug / feature request.
  11. Need to add images to selected item in results list. This requires AJAXy GetItem API call.
  12. "Add to Watch List" feature unimplemented. Requires Auth & Auth.
  13. Map should be centered on USA at nice zoom level at start.
  14. Need to calculate correct zoom level for results. (Not easily done using current Google Maps API.) Found code on Google Maps discussion group.
  15. Can't search for all Models in a Make, unless eBay doesn't break them out. This is an eBay API bug / limitation / feature request.
  16. No validation on / error results displayed for search form. (Big issue is one directly above, but also invalid ZIPs.) Not optimal design, but will flag errors in red.
  17. Would like to change application name from eMgM to something more intuitive.
  18. Need to add more information on eBay Developers and Affiliate Programs.
  19. Need to add Affiliate link tracking.
  20. Might want to do profiling. The PHP script includes lots of files. Use a code cache? Is the MySQL query cache enabled?
  21. GetSearchResults API call returns weird nilled element for Item Specifics when the data was not provided by seller. Report as possible bug or non-optimal result. When this happens, and Year and Mileage are unspecified, I set them to 0 to be consistent with the eBay Motors site.
  22. Switch JavaScript results data from array to hash/object, so elements/properties are available using string keys instead of integers.
  23. Test in IE. Side panel busted Test in Firefox for Windows. Weird refresh bug, info window doesn't break text I think I fixed everything for IE; Firefox 1.5 for Windows fixes refresh bug.
  24. Need to define default image when item doesn't have one.
  25. Add credits.
  26. Add feedback mechanism. Use WordPress for updates and comments? Using Gmail account for now.
  27. Indicate AJAX errors using HTTP Status Codes.