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OSCON 2004 Slides Now Available

Under the heading of better late than never, I have placed my OSCON 2004 session PowerPoint slides online:

I still need to clean up my tutorial, so that’s not yet available.

Landed in Portland

I’ve arrived in Portland, and I’m getting excited about OSCON. David and Chris should make their ways into town later tonight, and the three of us are going to grab some food for dinner and maybe hit the Portland Beer Festival.

My tutorial isn’t until Tuesday, but I still need to add the pretty pictures to my slides and also whip up the slides to one of my Thursday talks, so there’s work for me yet.

Word from O’Reilly is that Upgrading to PHP 5 is arriving at OSCON straight from the printer, so I hope to see it tomorrow.

OSCON 2004

I am giving three presentations at this year’s Open Source Conference:

  1. PHP 5 Bootcamp for PHP 4 Programmers (Tutorial)
  2. PHP 5 + MySQL 5 = A Perfect 10 (Session)
  3. PHP 5 Sucks! PHP 5 Rocks! (Session)

Please come and check me out. It’s not too late to qualify for the early bird discount.

Cross Platform Web Services for eCommerce

In my capacity of a Technical Evangelist for eBay, I will be speaking at LinuxWorldExpo on August 4th at 3:45 on Cross Platform Web Services for eCommerce. In other words, I’ll show you how to use the eBay API to build applications using PHP. If you’re lucky, there may even be a little bit of information on using PayPal.

PHP Quebec

I am speaking at PHP Quebec 2004 on Web Services in PHP 5. This talk covers REST, XML-RPC, PEAR::SOAP, and the new PHP 5 SOAP extension.

ApacheCon 2003

In November, I spoke at ApacheCon US 2003 on XML in PHP 5. Many exciting speakers and presentations; lots of good stuff.


I am speaking on a panel on PHP for NYSIA’s OS SIG (how’s that for cryptic letters?) with Dave and Chris on Tuesday, October 7th.

OSCON 2003

I spoke at OSCon 2003. I gave two presentations this year: one on Internationalization and Localization with PHP and the other on Introduction to Web Services in PHP: SOAP versus REST. I had a fun time hanging out at OSCon with Dave and meeting people. Portland was a blast; I spent a few days after the conference by myself just wandering around — highly enjoyable.