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Heading to OSCON

I am heading to OSCON on Sunday afternoon. I will be there all week.

On Tuesday, I am participating in the mother of all PHP user group meetings, and on Thursday I am speaking on Services_Ebay.

Please come on by.

Let me know if you want to hang out. When I’m not at the show, I will be off drinking draft Fred.

Blogging eBay Developers Conference and eBay Live!

In an new experiment for eBay, we’re blogging the eBay Developers Conference and eBay Live!.

eBay Live! has always put out a Daily Chatter print newsletter, but apparently daily is too slow for 2005. :)

I know we have over 10 people signed up to blog the Developers Conference, so updates should be fast and furious over the conference WiFi network.

OSCON Early Bird Deadline Approaching

The O’Reilly Open Source Convention (OSCON) early bird deadline is next Monday, June 20th.

This year’s crop of PHP speakers is the best yet: Rasmus and Andi, Derrick and Ilia, George and King Wez. Plus Andrei, Chris Shiflett, David Sklar, John Coggeshall, the list goes on. (And I will be speaking on Services_Ebay.)

Besides a wide selection of PHP speakers, OSCON has the advantage of of bringing in top notch speakers on Perl, Python, Ruby, Linux, XML, MySQL, Postgres, and even (sigh) Java. It’s great to learn about PHP, but I really value the opportunity to sit in on AJAX and Parrot and Ruby on Rails talks. This is the real value of OSCON over php|works or the International PHP Conference. (Both of which are great, don’t get me wrong, but they have a different focus.)

If you’re heading to Portland this August 1-5, (which I strongly suggest you do,) now is the time to register to save big bucks.

eBay Developers Conference: June 21-22

I have somehow neglected to mention the one event that’s been taking most of my May and June — the eBay Developers Conference.

We have a two day conference coming up this June 21 and 22 in San Jose all about eBay and PayPal Web services. If you’re at all interested in eBay or PayPal Web services, this is the place to be. (Duh.)

Attendance is quite strong. We even have people from other major web services companies signing up, presumable to steal our good ideas. I guess that’s only fair, as I am stealing theirs.

Since this year’s conference is in our home town, we’re able to bring busloads of staff to the show from all areas of the team: business folks, developer technical support, documentation, product managers, QA, the even the backend API engineers. We’re also borrowing from other areas of the organization. For example, one of our security experts is talking about how to write secure applications.

There are over 30 different sessions. I’m giving two: “Building eBay Applications using PHP 5 and Services_Ebay” and “Community Collaboration on the eBay Platform”. Services_Ebay is on Stephan Schmidt’s PHP 5 PEAR package. The other talk is centered around some new things we’re doing to help support developers working with other developers. Sorry I can’t give more details, but it’s a bit of a surprise.

Best of all, we somehow have the least expensive 2 day technical conference in the world. The price is only $395. (The super early bird price was $295.) That’s keynotes, 4 parallel tracks, 2 days of roundtable lunches, and a beer bust. It also includes free admission to eBay Live!, a $70 value.

You can register online. Do it before June 17th to save $50.

Wanted: One Kick Ass eBay Evangelist

I am on the look out for a top notch evangelist for my team at eBay. If that’s you, or someone you know, contact me.

The eBay Developers Program enables third party programmers to write applications that use the eBay platform. We have an amazing set of web services (over 100 API calls) and want everyone to use them. Not only do we expose almost all of eBay, we do it big time, serving up billions of API calls every month.

Your job would be getting the word out to new communities, getting them excited about the possibilities, and helping them build all sorts of cool applications. In my opinion our platform is particularly interesting because eBay is so dynamic — people are always listing, bidding, and buying. Our web service is more than just search results, and it’s read/write, not read-only.

The official job description has all the details. (That’s job “5731” if the link breaks.) Also, apologies in advance to my fellow Mac and Linux users, our brain-dead job site only works under Windows IE. (It also works under Firefox on Windows, but that doesn’t extend to Firefox Mac or Linux. However, you may be able to spoof your user-agent string.) Please don’t read anything into this and apply it to my attitude towards developers.

Speaking at SDForum Web Services Conference

As part of my continuing county tour, I’m heading to Santa Clara tomorrow for SD Forum’s “Web Services: The Next Generation” conference.

They’re managed to recruit a great bunch of speakers, including Tim Bray and Adam Bosworth. The PM from Google Maps, Bret Taylor, is also there. I’m interested to see if Google really can get the mapping company to open up their data for others to build upon.

I’ll be speaking on a panel with, among others, Jeremy Zawodny. The topic is “Why Standards Matter,” which isn’t the quite the correct one, in my opinion. I think everyone knows why they should care about standards. The real issue in the Web services world is “Which Standards Matter”.

Are you okay building your service “just” using HTTP and XML, as in the REST model? Or do you also need SOAP and WSDL? What about the whole WS-* set of extensions? Are there definitive answers, or does it vary? These are the real questions.

SOA and Mick Jagger

I’m in New York for the Infoworld SOA Executive Conference. I’m on a panel explaining to CxOs about “Extending Your Business with SOA.” If you’re in town, come on by and hear Jeffrey and me do the eBay / Yahoo banter, or let me know if you want to get together on Monday.

Right now, I’m crashing with my friends Chris and Jack. Oddly, Mick Jagger showed up with his wife and kid in the small park right outside their building. We did a little celebrity watching from the window. Sadly, there’s nothing else interesting to report, except that Mick kept wrapping his jacket around his head and shoulders.

PHP Presentations I Would Like to Attend

Pulling an object out of your hat: Magical methods in PHP 5
Showing off all the cool things you can do with __construct(), __destruct(), __get(), __set(), __call(), __clone(), __sleep(), __wakeup() and __toString().
The “I”s Have It: Porting an application to MySQLi
A case study of moving from PHP 4’s MySQL extension to PHP 5’s MySQLI extension. Difficulties encountered; new features used; future directions.
PHP 5 XML Extension Bake Off
Walk through parsing a few different types of XML documents using PHP 5’s set of XML extensions: DOM, XSLT, SAX, SimpleXML, and XML Pull Parser. Show off the strengths and weaknesses of each extension; when one is better than others; which are faster to code with, more speed and memory efficient; etc.
PHP, JavaScript, and XMLHTTPRequest
Writing cool scripts using PHP, JavaScript, and XMLHTTPRequest. :)