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I am speaking on a panel on PHP for NYSIA’s OS SIG (how’s that for cryptic letters?) with Dave and Chris on Tuesday, October 7th.

OSCON 2003

I spoke at OSCon 2003. I gave two presentations this year: one on Internationalization and Localization with PHP and the other on Introduction to Web Services in PHP: SOAP versus REST. I had a fun time hanging out at OSCon with Dave and meeting people. Portland was a blast; I spent a few days after the conference by myself just wandering around — highly enjoyable.


I wrote an article for on Web Services and PHP, specifically creating a SOAP client to query My follow-up piece, which does the same thing using REST instead of SOAP should arrive in October. (It’s already done and in the article queue.)

php|con East 2003

I gave a talk at PHPCon East 2003 on Taming Large Scale PHP Projects. This is not really about PHP and more about doing Web development with multiple developers and multiple web servers.

Building and Installing PHP on Mac OS X

My most recent piece is PHP 4.3 and Mac OS X, which details how to configure and install the latest version of PHP on your Mac OS X box.

The Battle for Middleware: PHP versus the World

I wrote The Battle for Middleware: PHP versus the World (PDF) for a business school class. This creatively titled paper talks about some of the economic and strategic reasons behind PHP’s rise to the most popular web scripting language.

PHP, i18n, and l10n

My first ONLamp.Com article is on Internationalization and Localization with PHP. This piece is almost completely based on material from PHP Cookbook, so it’s a good preview of our text.

PHP Cookbook

My book — PHP Cookbook — is available. Dave and I worked on it for more than a year. It’s good. Buy a copy. Thanks.