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Why PHP 5 Rocks!

I have a new article up on the O’Reilly Network: Why PHP 5 Rocks!.

This piece covers all the reasons I’m very excited about PHP 5, and in particular lists my top seven favorite features. In short, they are:

  • Robust Support for OOP
  • Completely Rewritten MySQL Extension
  • A Suite of Interoperable XML Tools
  • An Embedded Database with SQLite
  • Cleaner Error Handling with Exceptions
  • A First-Class SOAP Implementation
  • Iterators

For more details, you’ll need to read the article. In a few weeks, I’ll try and run a companion piece, Why PHP 5 Sucks!, which will go ahead and attack all the points I made in my original article.

Am I schizophrenic? Maybe, but it sounds fun nevertheless. It also ties into my OSCON session Why PHP 5 Sucks! Why PHP 5 Rocks!, so it’s a good way for me to get moving on my slides.

OSCON 2004

I am giving three presentations at this year’s Open Source Conference:

  1. PHP 5 Bootcamp for PHP 4 Programmers (Tutorial)
  2. PHP 5 + MySQL 5 = A Perfect 10 (Session)
  3. PHP 5 Sucks! PHP 5 Rocks! (Session)

Please come and check me out. It’s not too late to qualify for the early bird discount.

Cross Platform Web Services for eCommerce

In my capacity of a Technical Evangelist for eBay, I will be speaking at LinuxWorldExpo on August 4th at 3:45 on Cross Platform Web Services for eCommerce. In other words, I’ll show you how to use the eBay API to build applications using PHP. If you’re lucky, there may even be a little bit of information on using PayPal.

HTML QuickForm at NYPHP

Last night I heard my friend David give an excellent talk on HTML_QuickForm, a PEAR module for creating HTML forms. HTML_QuickForm does a very nice job of handling all the messy business of forms processing: validating data, printing error messages while preserving valid data, indicating which fields are required, escaping HTML, etc. It comes with a default template, but you can both define you own layout or hook into other popular PHP templating systems, like Smarty.

Best of all, despite all this functionalty, HTML_QuickForm seems very lightweight and not overly cumbersome.

PHP Quebec

I am speaking at PHP Quebec 2004 on Web Services in PHP 5. This talk covers REST, XML-RPC, PEAR::SOAP, and the new PHP 5 SOAP extension.

PHP 5 Meets XML and the DOM

I have a new piece on PHP 5, XML, and the DOM in International PHP Magazine.

ApacheCon 2003

In November, I spoke at ApacheCon US 2003 on XML in PHP 5. Many exciting speakers and presentations; lots of good stuff.


My follow-up piece, on PHP and REST, is now available on ONLamp.Com.