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Blue Screen of Death

One advantage of having a corporate IT staff is that when your laptop starts giving you the blue screen of death, you can file a trouble ticket and somebody comes by, copies the data off your machine, replaces your hard drive, and returns it to you. If you’re lucky, they might even install the hardware upgrades and new software you request.

Of course, I would never be using Windows if I wasn’t at eBay, but there’s crappy sys admin stuff for Mac OS X and Linux, too. I hate being a sys admin. It’s my least favorite part of using my computer.

The business case for mashups

I’m speaking at Web 2.0 today on Mash-ups 2.0: Where’s the Business Model?. It should be fun.

BTW, Web 2.0 is jam packed with people. Sessions are SRO. This is the second conference I went to in the past month (Microsoft PDC being the other) that sold out. I’m hoping this is a sign that the tech industry is on an upswing.

PS: I promise I will blog about something other than when I’m speaking real soon. I have some thoughts surrounding Web services and mashups that I’m going to try out in the panel. Nothing brilliant, but some thoughts I had from working on a little application. If I don’t get shouted down, I’m going to put them out there.

Mobile Software Value Chain

I almost forgot to mention that I’m speaking at 4 pm on Monday on "M-Commerce Trends and Challenges" at CTIA.

Jon Udell on SOA

Jon Udell wrote a nice piece in Infoworld on SOA (aka Web services), where he talks about the SOAP vs. REST camps and also investigates some of the new Web Services standards (WS-*) that Microsoft and IBM have been pushing. (BTW, I consider eBay’s “XML API” to be more similar to REST than SOAP.)

It’s a good business-level overview of what’s going on in Web services, and includes a few business examples of people using WS-* in the wild. (i.e. actual deployed programs, not made up “proof of concepts.”)

Additionally, eBay Web services gets a small mention at the top of page 2:

Today’s most visible exemplars of WS-Lite — Amazon and eBay — use Web services in a point-to-point way. In that mode there’s not much difference between SOAP/WSDL APIs and REST APIs, so it’s not surprising that developers who work with these platforms overwhelmingly prefer the REST flavor.

Jon blogged about the article, where he provides some background on the piece. His post include a link to his excellent Bill Gates interview from last week’s Microsoft PDC.

Zend/PHP Conference Coming Soon!

I just checked my calendar and was shocked to discover the Zend/PHP Conference is just around the corner — October 18-21.

I’ve been part of a team of people from the PHP community working for months with Zend (including Zeev and Andi) to help put together a great business-focused PHP conference. I’m really excited for this show.

There are lots of great PHP conferences, but this is the only one emphasizing PHP inside large and medium sized business. There’s still great technical content (Wez on PDO, Chris Shiflett on Security, Andrei and Andi on Unicode, George on Building Scalable PHP Applications). However, I’ve already heard those talks before. :)

What I’m going to attend are all the new talks. Such as, John Allspaw from Yahoo! on their LAMP hardware layout, John Roberts from SugarCRM on building a commercial business on top of an open source application, and Jeff Winner from Propel on Managing Development and Operations Together.

Of course, I’m also going to the Empowering eBay Research with PHP and Web Services session. I’m doing the intro, and then quickly getting out of the way for Andrew. He founded Terapeak. Terapeak is providing some amazing data analysis tools that crunch the gadzillion mega-bytes of active and closed listing data to help eBay sellers (among others) determine the state of eBay and the economy. There’s no better way to see buying and selling trends that to look at our data, and Terapeak is all based on PHP.

Come to the show. When I’m not in a session, I’ll be at the eBay/PayPal booth in the exhibit hall, and I’d love to chat.

Open Source vs. Shared Software Services

I’m back from LA and I’m trying to find the time to write up my thoughts on PDC, LA, and web services.

In the meantime, I’d like to share this quote from Brad Felt from his PDC write up:

Now – if we can only get them to say “Open Source” instead of “Shared Software Services” life would be a little easier

It’d be even funnier if it wasn’t true. :)

Hello from PDC

I’m down in LA this week for Microsoft PDC. We’ve got a kiosk in the Vista area, so if you’re in town, come on by and say hello to the team.

I’ll try and write something up while I’m at the show, but there’s nothing like 6,500 geeks slamming a convention center T1 line to kill your Internet connection, so updates will be spotty.

We buy lots of ads

I’ve always known that eBay buys lots of pay-per-click ads, but here are the numbers to prove it.

Not only is eBay #1 by a long margin, we just closed the deal last month to buy up #2 Combined we buy over 5x more than the next closest company, IAC. That’s a lot of ads.

(The standard disclaimer applies: everything in this post only applies to the public data from Nielsen/NetRatings. I have no knowledge if what they provide is accurate in any shape or form.)