Web Services

eBay WSDL Hacking

As part of my job, I’ve been playing around with eBay’s SOAP interface. My mission is to get PHP to play nicely with our SOAP server because right now we only have working examples in .NET and Java and that’s not a very good situation at all.

So far, it’s been tough going. We do quite a few, shall I say, odd things. For instance, we require you to override the location attribute within the service defined in our WSDL file. Right now, you can’t do that using the soap extension. I think the extension (or its author) expects you’d set the SOAPAction, but that’s not how we’re set up.

We also require you to define a SOAP Header that contains your authentication credentials. Apparently, there are licensing issues around the WS-Security standard.

As a result, I’ve been using the non-WSDL feature of SOAPClient, which requires me to use the ugly __call() method. Things are going slowly, but surely. I’ve managed to contruct the SOAP Header, but for some reason the SOAP Body isn’t being correctly generated.

Oh well. Looks like I know what I’ll be working on in the back of any slow going OSCON sessions.

Cross Platform Web Services for eCommerce

In my capacity of a Technical Evangelist for eBay, I will be speaking at LinuxWorldExpo on August 4th at 3:45 on Cross Platform Web Services for eCommerce. In other words, I’ll show you how to use the eBay API to build applications using PHP. If you’re lucky, there may even be a little bit of information on using PayPal.

PHP Quebec

I am speaking at PHP Quebec 2004 on Web Services in PHP 5. This talk covers REST, XML-RPC, PEAR::SOAP, and the new PHP 5 SOAP extension.


My follow-up piece, on PHP and REST, is now available on ONLamp.Com.

OSCON 2003

I spoke at OSCon 2003. I gave two presentations this year: one on Internationalization and Localization with PHP and the other on Introduction to Web Services in PHP: SOAP versus REST. I had a fun time hanging out at OSCon with Dave and meeting people. Portland was a blast; I spent a few days after the conference by myself just wandering around — highly enjoyable.


I wrote an article for ONLamp.com on Web Services and PHP, specifically creating a SOAP client to query Amazon.com. My follow-up piece, which does the same thing using REST instead of SOAP should arrive in October. (It’s already done and in the article queue.)