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World Bowl XIV

I just discovered the Frankfurt Fire will clash with the Amsterdam Admirals this Saturday in the World Bowl XIV in Dusseldorf. I may need to sneak out of the eBay Live! Germany party to catch the second half, as I suspect I will never be so close to an NFL Europe game again. :)

Wait! Wait! I never got a chance to love you!

Note to my streaming radio channel: White Lion‘s “Wait” is not classic rock. It’s a classic. It’s rock. But it’s not classic rock.

Now I only wanna say “I love you” one more time…

My favorite new style of printf

I just discovered vsprintf(), which accepts a formatting string and an array of arguments:

// logging function that accepts printf-style formatting
// it prints a time stamp, the string, and a new line
function logf() {
	$date = date(DATE_RSS);
	$args = func_get_args();
	$format = array_shift($args);

	return print "$date: " . vsprintf($format, $args) . "\n";

Just sharing.

eBay Developers Conference 2006

With less than a month to go, this year’s eBay Developers Conference is really beginning to gel. I’ve been working with a number of people all across eBay to put together a great show. So far, we’ve got:

  • Tracks on eBay, PayPal, Skype,, and ProStores Web services and APIs
  • Sessions on, for lack of a better phrase, “Web 2.0” content, including AJAX, widgets, XUL, mashups, and Chris Anderson presenting on “the long tail.”
  • Keynote talks by Pierre Omidyar & Scott Cook, the head of eBay corporate strategy, and the head of eBay corporate architecture.
  • Business talks and panels by Digg founder Kevin Rose, SocialText founder Ross Mayfield, SixApart’s Anil Dash, SoftTech Venture Consulting’s Jeff Clavier, and others.
  • A half day unconference, where you can get together to share your knowledge on the topics that matter to you. (Check out our Conference Wiki to start participating before the show begins.)
  • An opening kick off party at the House of Blues, a beer bash the next night, and general Vegas fun and glamour. (Did I mention the show is in Las Vegas at the Mandalay Bay Hotel and Casino?)

Best Outlook error message… ever

I got this error message when I tried to import an event from Evite:

Outlook error message

I must hand it to the programmer or QA engineer who came up with that test case. Too bad, as best I can tell, it’s totally wrong. Unless, of course, Evite’s moved over to the lunar calendar.