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Adam Trachtenberg is the Director of the LinkedIn Developer Network, where he oversees developer relations and marketing for the LinkedIn Platform. Before LinkedIn, Adam worked at eBay in platform product management and marketing. Even earlier, he co-founded Student.Com and TVGrid.com. Adam is the author of PHP Cookbook and Upgrading to PHP 5. He lives in San Francisco.

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Heading to Germany for eBay Live! Germany and Entwicklertag

I’m heading to Dusseldorf, Germany for eBay Developer Day (Entwicklertag) and eBay Live! Germany. If it’s anything like eBay Live! US, it should be a blast.

My talk is on “Software innovations from the US,” which (fortunately for me) appears to be in English. All the other talks are in German. :) I’m looking forward to seeing my friends at eBay Germany again and meeting a number of new German eBay developers.

Right now, I’m scheduled to work May 26-28, but I will either arrive a few days early or stay a few days late. What should I do? It’s my first time in Germany, so I’m open to anything. I’m trying to stay somewhere near the Dusseldorn / Frankfurt area, so I don’t spend all my time travelling, but I’m open to anything.

Also, if you can’t make it to Dusseldorf, I’m able and willing to talk to any Germany user groups about eBay Web services (or PHP). Let me know if you’re interested in setting up a user group meeting, or you just want to hang out.

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  1. Well my 5 top list of the worst cities in germany include Frankfurt and Duesseldorf. So my recommendation would be the use the time to get to any other places in germany :)

  2. There are more than 5 cities in Germany? :) I am open to alternatives… The Internet must be smarter than a guide book. :)

  3. When you’re in Düsseldorf, spend an evening in one of the pubs in Düsseldorfs old city center. Well, actually not ‘in’, the *real* Düsseldorfer will stand in front of the pub and enjoy his ‘Altbier’ in the public.

    Visit Cologne and it’s dome. And if you’re interested in Roman history, Cologne was founded 50 AC as ‘Colonia Claudia Ara Agrippinensis’ and there are some ruins from that time.

    The middle Rhine valley (UNESCO World Heritage) has a unique density of old medieval castles and beautiful churches. A ship journey would be the classical approach: Go to Rüdesheim ( http://www.ruedesheim.de/en/index.html ) by train, (alternative: Bingen, on the other side of the Rhine, but not as beautiful). Rüdesheim is famous for its vineyards. From there, take a ship. The journey to St. Goarshausen takes about 2h. Most ships provide tourist informations in German, English, Italian and Japanese. From there, take the train back to Cologne.

    In Frankfurt, the ‘Museumsufer’ (museum riverside) has lots of museums along the Main river, among them the famous ‘Schirn’ museum for modern arts or the historical museum. Not far is the beautiful ‘Römer’ with its medieval city hall and timber framed houses. Also visit the dome. In its entry hall you’ll find aerial photos from 1945/1946. 99% of Frankfurt where destroyed during WWII, most of the beautiful old houses have been rebuilt.

  4. Hey you should visit our usergroup ;).
    Come to #phpug@EuIRC if you are interested meeting some geeks.

  5. no offence, but “software innovations in the us”, the internet is kind of a world-wide thing? Why limit your talk whats specificly happening in the us?

  6. It’s a little unclear, but my talk is actually on software developements *on the eBay platform* by US developers.

    The team at eBay Germany already knows what German and other EU developers are doing, but they don’t have a good handle on what’s happening by US developers. So, they’ve called out to me to help share that data with everyone.

    Other talks are covering other areas.