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Adam Trachtenberg is the Director of the LinkedIn Developer Network, where he oversees developer relations and marketing for the LinkedIn Platform. Before LinkedIn, Adam worked at eBay in platform product management and marketing. Even earlier, he co-founded Student.Com and TVGrid.com. Adam is the author of PHP Cookbook and Upgrading to PHP 5. He lives in San Francisco.

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If you like this title, we also recommend…

I love the IMDb; however, I have never been a big fan of the “If you like this title, we also recommend…” feature. It seems good in practice, but as someone once said: “It’s tricky.”

My largest problem is that the closest link is also the most obvious link. “If you liked Rocky, we also recommend Rocky II.” Well, duh. Could I at least get Raging Bull?

However, sometimes it just pulls up links that amaze. “If you liked The Bad and the Beautiful, we also recommend The Road to Dracula?”

That is almost enough to get me to watch both movies just to figure how this might have happened. If only I had a Netflicks account.

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  1. I guess you could always upsell by actors/actresses. It would be obvious, but would make sense. How about by weighted averages across a genre?

  2. for some reason the feed you have listed doesn’t work in my newsgator — feed:http://www.trachtenberg.com/blog/feed/ — any idea why not? (probably me, but no idea why)

  3. doi. i figured out why. sheesh.