Archive for April, 2005

Sparklines are cool

If I had a link blog, I would link to the Sparkline PHP Graphing Library. (Found via Sam’s pointer to BitWorking and RedHanded.)

Building an eBay Firefox Toolbar

My latest obsession at work is an eBay Firefox toolbar. I’d like to start an open source project that incorporates eBay Web services with Firefox, so it’s easy to track items you’re bidding on, watching, and selling.

I’ve done a Vulcan mind meld with the Firefox Toolbar Tutorial, and I’m becoming one with XUL Planet.

Does anyone else know of additional Firefox extension resources? In particular, I see there’s a SOAP interface, but I don’t know if this is for real use or not. :)

Last, I have this odd problem of needing to encrypt a certain portion of my code to protect eBay Web Services API security keys. I don’t mind people seeing the toolbar code, just the specific keys I may embed. If only there was a compiler. XPCOM seems like one solution, but it’s a road I don’t really want to travel down.

Moving to WordPress

I was being nibbled to death by comment spam, so I disabled comments. However, blogging is no fun if people can’t comment on your posts, so I’ve switched to WordPress. Hopefully, I can get the spam blocker installed before the spammers can find me. Better design and customization to come.