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Google Command Line Calculator

In a somewhat shocking move, my Google Command Line Calculator hack was picked up for the second edition of Google Hacks.

I found this out from Rael back in October at Web 2.0, but I forgot to blog about it. I finally picked up a copy when I crashed the O’Reilly booth at MacWorld. Sure enough, I am Hack #47: Bring the Google Calculator to the Command Line.

I know hard core Unix weenies use bc and dc, but I don’t want to bother with the reverse-polish, thank you very much. Besides, Google supports a variety of non-standard features, like unit conversion, roman numerals, and physical constants.

In exchange for contributing my hack, I receive fame, glory, my bio at the front of the book, and blogging rights.

The Future of TiVo

Jeffrey and Greg have been engaging in a spirited discussion on the future of TiVo. To help keep the debate going, I pass along, without comment, this article in today’s SF Chronicle.