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Adam Trachtenberg is the Director of the LinkedIn Developer Network, where he oversees developer relations and marketing for the LinkedIn Platform. Before LinkedIn, Adam worked at eBay in platform product management and marketing. Even earlier, he co-founded Student.Com and TVGrid.com. Adam is the author of PHP Cookbook and Upgrading to PHP 5. He lives in San Francisco.

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I Hate Comment Spam

I have finally given up the fight against comment spam. I cannot figure out how to spam-proof Bloxsom comments, so I’ve been forced to disable them.

This means I’ll be migrating shortly to a new blog system, as comments are on my “must have” list of blog requirements.

I’ve started checking out WordPress and s9y. Hopefully, one of them will make the cut, as, all things being equal, I’d prefer to use a PHP tool. Actually, make that a PHP 5 tool.

Of course, blosxom is written in Perl, so that’s not a requirement. All I really want is something simple and easy to maintain, because I want to spend time writing blog entries, not hacking on a blog system.

I guess TypePad is always a choice, but I would prefer to run it under the trachtenberg.com domain.

In the meantime, if you want to comment about a blog entry, or anything at all, feel free to e-mail me at adam@trachtenberg.com. Sending regular, normal, plain-text e-mail is the best way to get through my spam filters and not automatically routed to /dev/null. Sorry, but 51,301 is a lot of junk.

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