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It’s been a long time since I last updated

I’ve discovered that if I don’t blog it within 24 hours, it never gets blogged. I had a bunch of good blog ideas from ApacheCon and other events over the past month, but they haven’t quite made it onto the blog. I’m not happy about that.

From now on, I plan to be more proactive. We’ll see if that works out better. Hopefully, I can find some time to finish up the one half-written post I started before Thanksgiving.

Wanted: Good Windows Time Tracking Application

In my continual process to work more efficiently, I’m looking for a time tracker application. I do a lot of reactive multitasking, so it’s difficult for me to easily record what I’m doing and how long it takes.

I frequently find myself in the middle of one task and then wind up solving two other problems before I get back to what I was trying to do. I tried keeping a manual log, but I never remember to update it in real time, so I’m forces to guestimate durations.

So, I decided to see if technology can solve my problems. I did a Google search for “time tracker windows”, but there’s lots of links. It’s too hard to tell what’s good and what’s not.

The only real requirement is that it runs under Windows XP (or I guess a Web-based application would be okay, but I’m skeptical). I want to be able to scribble down new “tasks” quickly. Ideally, I’d be able to pop off tasks when they’re done and resume the previous task. I think of my job list as a stack, so I want to be able to push and pop, but that’s not a deal breaker.

Unexpected benefits of living with your girlfriend: The latest in a continuing series

She can drop off your absentee ballot when she votes at her polling place today, thus saving you a trip to City Hall on Sunday, and allowing you time to wash your clothes before your trip to New Orleans.

This only works if you’re living under the same roof, as it’s not legal for a friend or neighbor to do this, at least in California.