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My man Stephan Schmidt just released the first version of a kick ass eBay API PEAR package for PHP. Our XML Web services API is pretty easy to use technically, but we don’t go a great job integrating all 70+ API calls into a coherant structure.

When Stephan designed Services_Ebay, he took a step back and looked at how all the different calls should play together. This allowed him to implement a very slick object-oriented package that makes it simple to use eBay from PHP.

There are still a few tricky bits to figure out, but I’m quite impressed with what he’s done so far. Check it out. It uses lots of new PHP 5 features, such as __call() and iterators, to simplify the code, so it’s a great way for you to look at why you should be Upgrading to PHP 5. (Okay, I couldn’t resist the plug.)

Beth on MTV’s Real World

Beth and I were watching Real World tonight on MTV. Well, to be more precise, I was surfing around reading articles about the Red Sox, and Beth was flipping channels looking for something to watch. All of a sudden Beth says: “This is Sea Ray!”

Sea Ray is the rock band Beth briefly played with back in NYC. Their original cellist left town, so Beth joined the band in her place. She practiced a while, played a few gigs, and even recorded some tracks for an album. Eventually, the other person returned, so Beth ended up moving to viola and later leaving the band all together.

Apparently, Sea Ray managed to get one of their songs on the Real World. And, sure enough, it’s one where Beth is sitting in on viola. I pulled up their Web site, and there’s no announcement, so we’re not sure how they managed to get this on, but it’s super cool nevertheless.

If you’re interested, you can download the song, Revelry, on iTunes. Beth’s bit is at the end.

World Tour: Utah PHP

Do you love PHP? Do you love eBay? Do you live in Utah? If you answered “yes” to all three questions, then you don’t want to miss the next stop on my world tour.

Next Tuesday, October 19, I will be visiting the Utah PHP Users Group to give a talk on Developing Applications on the eBay Platform with PHP. Start time is 7 PM and we’ll go until 8:30.

O’Reilly has arranged to send a carton-load of books, and I will be bringing a bag full of eBay schwag, so they’ll be giveaways gallore!

Early Voting Thanks to MAX and SFGov

I’m going to Macromedia MAX at the beginning of November. While it’s always good to be in New Orleans, it means I’ll be out of town during the US Presidential Election, so I need to register for an absentee ballot.

Fortunately, California lets you request an absentee ballot all the way up until Tuesday, October 26th. (Although, voter registration closes on October 18th. Not a problem. I’m already registered.) I’m safe there. Still, final ballots need to be received by November 2nd, so I was worried my vote might arrive too late to be counted. I still need to mail in my request, get the ballot back, mail it back, and still arrive before the election.

However, after a little investigation on SFGov, I learned two cool things:

  1. You can download a PDF application and fax it back. I knew about the online application before, but I didn’t know about the fax back service.
  2. If you’re really worried about not getting everything in on time, you can vote early by going to the San Francisco City Hall. Just show up between October 4th and October 31st and you can vote.

That’s really cool. I guess it makes sense. It’s really no different than picking up an absentee ballot in person, filling it out, and then submitting it in person.

Still, City Hall has gone out of their way to ensure that everyone can cast their ballot. They’re even open on weekends, so even people who can’t take off from work can drop in. That’s a great service. I know you’re legally allowed to miss work to vote, but it’s still difficult for people who commute using public transportation or travel all the time.

I just faxed back my form today, but if I don’t get a ballot in the next week, I might just drop by myself to check it out.

If it ain’t broke…

Overheard today at Web 2.0:

If it ain’t broke, then it doesn’t have enough features.

Ha! I know a few programmers who follow that rule.

Web 2.0

In case you’re interested in Web 2.0, Jeremy Zawodny is blogging up a storm.