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Adam Trachtenberg is the Director of the LinkedIn Developer Network, where he oversees developer relations and marketing for the LinkedIn Platform. Before LinkedIn, Adam worked at eBay in platform product management and marketing. Even earlier, he co-founded Student.Com and TVGrid.com. Adam is the author of PHP Cookbook and Upgrading to PHP 5. He lives in San Francisco.

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eBay WSDL Hacking

As part of my job, I’ve been playing around with eBay’s SOAP interface. My mission is to get PHP to play nicely with our SOAP server because right now we only have working examples in .NET and Java and that’s not a very good situation at all.

So far, it’s been tough going. We do quite a few, shall I say, odd things. For instance, we require you to override the location attribute within the service defined in our WSDL file. Right now, you can’t do that using the soap extension. I think the extension (or its author) expects you’d set the SOAPAction, but that’s not how we’re set up.

We also require you to define a SOAP Header that contains your authentication credentials. Apparently, there are licensing issues around the WS-Security standard.

As a result, I’ve been using the non-WSDL feature of SOAPClient, which requires me to use the ugly __call() method. Things are going slowly, but surely. I’ve managed to contruct the SOAP Header, but for some reason the SOAP Body isn’t being correctly generated.

Oh well. Looks like I know what I’ll be working on in the back of any slow going OSCON sessions.

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