Archive for May, 2004

HTML QuickForm at NYPHP

Last night I heard my friend David give an excellent talk on HTML_QuickForm, a PEAR module for creating HTML forms. HTML_QuickForm does a very nice job of handling all the messy business of forms processing: validating data, printing error messages while preserving valid data, indicating which fields are required, escaping HTML, etc. It comes with a default template, but you can both define you own layout or hook into other popular PHP templating systems, like Smarty.

Best of all, despite all this functionalty, HTML_QuickForm seems very lightweight and not overly cumbersome.


In a fit of remodeling, I’ve switched my home page over from one giant and ever-growing list of information to a blog. I still have some clean up to do, but this is a good start.

Hopefully, this will cause me to update my site on a more regular basis.

Upgrading to PHP 5

I’ve just finished my latest book: Upgrading to PHP 5. We’re still doing the final copy edits and proofing, but I’m happy to say that the hard part is over.

The hook to Upgrading to PHP 5 is that it only covers the new parts of PHP, so it’s perfect if you already know PHP 4. There’s no wasted pages teaching you how to process basic forms; there’s only pure PHP 5 goodness.

However, if you have no PHP experience, this book is completely useless.

It won’t be out until July, but you can already pre-order the book from Amazon.